Where I have been. Where I am. Where I am going.

This final project was really hard for me to brainstorm to be able to say that it was worth a final project without rigid guidelines. I settled on the idea of using a custom Google Map as suggested by the instructions, and I remembered from freshman year in my FSEM our professor showed us her custom maps of the restaurants she went to. Then I thought about the theme and how to relate the idea for this class. I am graduating in the fall, and I have been trying to decide what to do after I graduate. I know the cards will play how they are supposed to but, I still have the obsession of overthinking about my future. Thus, the title was born. The story of “Where I have been. Where I am. Where I am going”. It seemed to fit perfectly into the theme.

Pinning the locations on the map took quite a while to determine what made big enough impact in my life to be included in this project. I did not pin friends or families location, but I did put a pin in or around their city. My friends and family are a large part of who I am, but I wanted to focus on my own story apart of them.

I settled on making categories:

Birth: Jiangxi Providence indicated by the brown icon with a birthday candle

Education: Orange icons with graduation caps

Favorite Restaurants: indicated by the purple icon with silverware set

Hobby: a light brown icon with a horse in the middle

Places traveled: a blue icon with a car in the middle

Places I want to travel: a green icon with an airplane in the middle

Potential home: orange icons with a home in the middle

I think these categories tell the story of who I am. I made a voice recording going through each location that I pinned on the map. I wanted to do a more interactive map, but after several failed attempts, I learned that there was too much moving around and motion to be able to follow along without feeling nausea. I decided to just do the voice recording while having the map open. At this point I could have just recorded an audio using Audacity, but I decided that I like have the visual open even if I could not move it without unpredicted movement. I have embedded the voice over below!

This is the google map that can be interacted with while listening to the video.

Overall, this project was a lot of work. First I had to pinpoint all of the places on the map and categorize them accordingly with their special color and icon. Then, I placed images of each of the places on the map that I found online. I did not want to use personal photos for each place. Next, I found a site (Vidyard Recording) that allowed screen recording presentation style. Then, it took a while to find the best way to present my material that took a couple of tries. Personally, I think this is worth final project material because of all of the moving parts that were involved: audio, visual, and design of the map all used to tell the story.

I hope you enjoy my story!