What’s (y)our story?

I think the theme for ds106 is relevant to college students. In this time, I feel like we are all trying to figure out who we are as individuals and our place in society. I think this theme opens a way for us to explore what is important to us and share those important things with others through this class. This also allows us to control our own narrative by only putting out the information that we feel comfortable with everyone having access to. Through sharing things that are a part of our own personal lives, we can find others who we feel comfortable to talk about these topics with. Through this, we can feel solidarity with those who can relate or empathize with our own journey. We may be closer to finding our place in this world. I think this theme will work for the semester.

This is a meme that I think will encourage us to be willing to work with this theme. This image was taken off of Pinterest.