Weekly Summary

This week was challenging. Recently, I decided to completely get rid of my social media to reduce my time I spent aimlessly scrolling and improve my mental health. Setting up all these social media accounts was not hard, but I have had a hard time not going back to aimlessly scrolling through the social media accounts that were created. Luckily my freshman year, I had to set up my Domain for another class I took at UMW. I set it up, but it was still very confusing to navigate once I logged back in. The challenging part of this week was trying to navigate this class, and understanding how to do the assignment correctly to make sure they were going to be graded. Specifically, registering my Domain to the class. Since it took at least an hour for the post to be posted, I was having a little freak out session where I was worried about whether or not I did it correctly. Thankfully, I was reassured that I was on the right track. I feel like I will always be a nervous wreck during this class because of all the moving parts.

This week, I wrote two post where I introduced myself through social media platforms (SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram) that can be found in the blog titled “Multimodal Introductions”. Secondly, I wrote a blog about my thoughts on the theme of the class that can be found in the blog titled, “What’s (y)our story?“. All the embedded media that was created this week is in the “Multimodal Introductions” blog.