Week 9 Daily Creates

The first daily create featuring a random cat off the internet that looks like my grandma’s cat, Marigold.

The second daily create a continuation of the past daily create!

The third daily create is the last installment of this weeks continued story of my precious Marigold.

Marigold and the Magic Lamp.

Marigold was bored of life on planet Earth! So she tool her Magic Lamp out to space for an adventure she would never forget. Shockingly, she got someone to take her picture out in space with her magic lamp. For her second wish, she wanted this picture to be forever installed in the museum for people to admire her adventure. Lastly, she wished to meet an alien on another planet. The genie sent her to another planet to meet Stitch! Stitch was awfully lazy so she decided to take another picture to take back to planet Earth to show all her friends. When she returned to Earth, her owner was very happy to see her again and gave her lots of kisses.