Week 7 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates were easy to complete.

The first one, I was thrilled when I saw the prompt. Every time I get to let my cat, Quinn, be the subject of my online content I am excited. I was not sure where I was going to put a picture of my cat, but I finally decided to put her in space. She certainly does not belong up there!

Secondly, the prompt was to take a picture of the celling. When I saw this prompt, I took a picture of the ceiling where I was at. I was not at my house, when I checked this prompt out, but I did think this ceiling was interesting enough to submit this for the prompt.

Lastly, the prompt was putting a future house in a future setting. For this I grabbed the weirdest looking house I saw on the internet. Then I placed the house in a water environment. Possible to live in the ocean?

Overall the daily creates did not take a lot of time, and I enjoyed doing them.