Week 6 Daily Creates

The first participation for the daily creates was to design an iceberg to see how it would float. At first, I had no idea what to draw, but then eventually came up with the idea of doing a letter that looked like another letter. I drew the letter H that looks like the letter I.

The second participation was to tweet a gif describing what was outside of the window. On this particular day, it was warm and sunshine. At my house, we have two feral cats that we feed. They were lounging and sunning throughout the whole day because of the weather. I decided to find a gif that fit this description, and when I saw this one I knew it was perfect.

For my final participation, I had to describe myself as a chess piece. My only exposure to chess is watching my grandpa play, but I never observed closely to understand what was going on. The only other exposure to chess was watching Queens Gambit which was a phenomenal show about chess, mental health, and alcohol and drug abuse. This show focused on strategies of chess, but I did not really learn what the pieces do to be able able to describe myself as a piece. So I decided to look online for a unique chess piece that I thought was cool. The website said that he is the rook.

Overall the daily creates this week were not too time consuming.