Week 5 Daily Creates

My first participation in the daily creates was responding to a prompt of going onto the UK science museum to see an item and sharing on twitter what we got. When I looked at the submission, I saw some interesting things that were being submitted. When I did it, I got dried up peas in a glass vile. Not very exciting results, but fun to participate in.

My second participation this week was responding to a prompt to post my favorite bird/best bird. Immediately when I saw this, I thought of the penguins. So many movies are made about penguins for a reason!

My final participation was responding to the prompt to show the preferred food. For this I immediately thought of these cookies that I have been obsessed with lately. I made them for Christmas and Valentine’s Day for my friends. I think cookies are food as desserts are a subcategory of food.

The weekly daily creates were relatively easy to complete this week.