Week 4 Summary

This week I have felt overwhelmed. With work, school, and helping out a friend by watching their dogs, I rarely had time to relax.

I wrote a blog about my personal experience with photography:

Then I did a photo analysis of a photo that I took:

My twenty minute photoblitz:

12 stars worth of visual assignments:

3: http://lexiaobin.org/ds106/acrostic-poem-collage/

3: http://lexiaobin.org/ds106/my-cat/

2.5: http://lexiaobin.org/ds106/can-zendaya-get-some-credit-around-here/

3.5: http://lexiaobin.org/ds106/dua-lipa-out-of-place/

Week 4 Daily Creates:


Favorite post this week:

This week was crazy, and I can not say that I enjoyed doing this classes work. I am happy to have this week over with.