Week 4 Daily Creates

The first daily create was to use Kaleidoscope Painter to paint in Kaleidoscope Style. I have never used this program, but I enjoyed using the different styles and colors on the canvas. There was not any reasoning to this painting or an idea that I was following. It was just random and fun!

The second daily create was a caption contest. When I first saw this photo, I immediately thought of the show, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, that I grew up watching. Thus, I decided to caption the picture with that theme in mind.

For my final daily create, we were to put ourselves in a painting. Personally, I did not want to put my own face into a picture, but I did see others put pets into famous paintings. I decided to follow their lead and put a picture of a dog that I am dog sitting this week into the famous painting.

Overall, the daily creates this week were simple, and I enjoyed seeing other peoples creative work.