Week 3 Daily Creates

The first daily create I participated in was to make word art. For this I used https://wordart.com/, to create my piece. My thought process was to create a graduation cap with words that described qualities a person has to be successful in college and to reach graduation. These words included: independence, hard work, patience, responsibility, and communication. A person learns to be independent and take responsibility for their education in college. It takes a lot of communication with peers and professors, which requires patience. Lastly, there is a lot of hard work that goes into college education.

The second daily create I participated in was to take a picture through a window to show a familiar view. I decided to take a picture outside my kitchen window. Outside the window is our deck and bird feeder, Whenever people come over, they really enjoy seeing the birds at the feeder. I often take for granted how pretty the birds are and am reminded when people point this out to me. I thought I could spread some joy and share the picture, though not the best quality.

The third daily create was a response to creating a safety sign using https://observatory.db.erau.edu/generators/signs/. For this, I decided to joke about how math will ruin the brain. As a math major, I often feel like my brain is being ruined by all the work. So I decided to joke and make the sign about how most people feel about math.

Overall, the week of daily creates went smoothly, and I enjoyed seeing other people’s creative ideas.