Week 2 Summary

This week was a never ending assignments that felt like they were never going to be done and ready to turn in on time. This class in particular had a lot of moving parts with all the different assignments that required a lot of planning.

To tackle this week I decided to do four different Daily Creates prompts following along the Twitter account @ds106dc. This was a very interesting assignment, and I found myself enjoying doing the prompts. To read about my experience and the prompts I responded to, I have embedded the blog I wrote about my Daily Creates this week.

The second part of this week was completing three assignments from the DS106 Assignment Bank. The requirement was that each assignment had to come from three different categories. I wrote separate blogs about each assignment I completed. I completed an assignment that required a small program to be written (Code Assignment), a collage of my bucket list (Visual Assignments, and a contradiction creation (Design Assignment). To see the blogs of each individual post, check out the following embedded media.

The third part of this week was to customize the blog. Major changes include

  1. Site title: Rachel’s Thoughts
  2. Tagline: Go Eagles
  3. Background color: red
  4. Menu change: about and DS106 tabs
  5. Site opens to “About Page”
  6. To get to DS106 post: press menu + press DS106

This week I participated in this class by liking tweets of other students daily creates and commented on other people’s blog. My participation includes:

Finally, I wrote a blog about the theme after looking at other students thoughts on the theme. To look at my thoughts, look at my post below.

Overall this week has been very hectic, and I feel overwhelmed. The highlight of my week was hanging out with my friend.