Week 2 Daily Creates

One of our assignments this week was to participate at least four times in the daily creates posted by ds106 Daily Creates Twitter.


For my first participation, I responded to the prompt of creating an invitation card or poster to The Daily Create party. The submission was to respond to @ds106dc tweet that held the prompt or to tweet at them using the appropriate hashtags and tags. To begin this process, I decided to take the iconic character, April Ludgate, to promote the Daily Create Party. I thought of what would catch my eye, and I stop at April Ludgate memes frequently. I took the picture that I chose from the internet and put it into Microsoft PowerPoint. The program suggested the format that I eventual chose. Lastly, I put in the information that was given in the prompt and linked the Twitter account in the invitation for a person to join in the party.

Embedded Twitter Post

For my second participation, I answered the prompt given from @ds106dc to create a affirmation poster. From personal experience, I know that when I look at my phone, I often see people who I aspire to look like, or I am jealous of their appearance. From this idea, I decided to edit together a photo, again in PowerPoint, where it had the perspective of someone looking into their phone and seeing their own reflection. On the top of their screen it states, “I am beautiful”. This is just a reminder to take time to appreciate yourself, and not to compare with those around us.

For my third participation, I responded to @ds106dc prompt to take a classic poem and rewrite it to a cat’s perspective. This one was especially hard for me because I am not skilled in writing. I decided to take the short poem, “Fire and Ice” by Jack Frost and rewrite that as a cat’s perspective. I own three cats of my own, and I know that cats think that they are the best things that the world has to offer. They seek to dominate the world. With that in mind, I rewrote the poem.

My final participation was to @ds106dc prompt to be inspired by Keith Haring’s work and to make my own interpretation. I decided to draw two characters reaching out toward each other, but one is crying, demonstrated by the sad tear on its face, and one has their heart broken. I think this is a good representation of how people want each other even if they are not good for each other.

Overall, I enjoyed doing these daily creates. I enjoyed how they were different in their own way, but were easy to accomplish within the allotted time.