Week 14 Summary

LAST DAY OF THIS CLASS!!! This class challenged me in ways that I was not prepared for. For instance, the amount of work that was required to complete this class blew me away. Some of the assignments were interesting and challenged me in a good way, but others I felt like I was wasting my time. The projects that I am most proud of is the Radio Show and my video project. I put a lot of time in the video project and the radio show felt like a conversation with other UMW students and not work. The daily creates were interesting, and I really enjoyed seeing what my peers decided to post in response.

I did my final project for this class!

Lastly, I entered a suggestion for a daily create: find a gif to describe the first day of school.

This is what my response to the prompt would be:

Overall this class had its up and downs, but I do not regret taking it. I have enjoyed interacting with peers and seeing their incredible work they brought forward.

Here is to summer and all she has to bring!!!