Week 13 Summary

The weeks are coming to a close for the semester, and I could not be more excited. This week was challenging with all of the projects I had to complete and work. This project was at the back of my mind all week because I could not decided what I wanted to do that felt like it would be enough to be a final project. I decided that a story of where I have been to where I am going is a cool project. For this I will be utilizing Google Maps the have pins on locations I have been and places I want to go. I have color coded them with unique icons for the pins based on what category they fall under. I won’t be breaking down the categories in this post, as I may change them before the final draft is done. This is the visual part of my final project. I will put an image of each place on the Google Map as well to add more of a visual effect. The second part of the final will be narrating the parts of the Google Map. I will go through why each pin is there and what made me decide my decisions. This is my audio part of my assignment and reminds me of the radio show we did for the mid semester project. I will go through the map, and screen record while I walk through the map with audio. This is the video and audio portion of my final project, I will be using Vidyard and MovieMaker to do this. Hopefully there is no trouble with this, but time will tell! Here is to being done with this class!!! It has had many ups and downs.

A preview of the map I have been working on is below!