Week 11 Summary

This week was stressful! I can not believe we are this far into the semester, yet we have so much left to go. Professors are starting to pile on the work and giving out their final projects which feels overwhelming when there are so many to do.

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Commented + Favorites:

My final video project! I am happy with how it turned out, and I have shown it to my family members as a trial run. First, I uploaded all the pictures and videos into Movie Maker 10 Free. Then I created the titles of each category I had. I tried to use color background titles to fit the next category (cat – fur color, garden – green, baking – pink, my name – red (fav color), and informational – black). Next, I set the music to be upbeat as these are things that make me happy. I arranged the photos into the order that I wanted them in. Next, I put the captions on the photos and videos to clue viewers into what they were seeing. Lastly, I put the credits in at the end. The most challenging thing that I ran into was correcting mistakes once exported. In Movie Maker 10 Free, the save video within the program is not an option and as a result the video must be exported to be saved. This export took 5 minutes each time. I would think the video looks really good and then find a mistake when I was watching the video back through. This happened quite a few time + I exported to save the edited video in case the program or my computer crashed. Overall, this was not the worst experience ever, but it was definitely not the most relaxing thing I have done in this class.