Video Show Progress

For my video project, I decided to do a video about my favorite things excluding family and friends to avoid asking everyone for their permission. I decided to settle on my everyday life things like my cats, baking, dogs, and my garden. These things are important to me, and they are my favorite hobbies/things.

I could not start editing the video till yesterday due to several other classes assignment that were more of a priority.

The video creating has been very challenging for me. I barely know how to use the software to create the video, and I do not take a lot of video to begin with,

I decided to take a mix of pictures and videos I have taken of the listed things above and put them into a video. It was a very frustrating process that I spent four hours on last night, and I still have to finish some things up before the deadline tonight. I think the most frustrating part it that it takes 5 minutes to export. I export the video in order to save my progress (the video software does not allow saving) so every time I would see a mistake I would have to export. I look forward to finishing the project tonight.

Overall I am happy with how it turned out, but it certainly is not the quality my classmates have produced.