Video Show Plan

For my video, I decided to make a video dedicated to some of my favorite things. I am not a fan of being on camera, but I do have lots of pictures of my favorite things: cooking, baking, gardening, my cats, and more TBD. It applies to our theme of my story, and I think it will apply to our story as people have their favorite things.

I used PowerPoint and Movavi Editor Plus (free week trial which is the reason for the water mark).

First I made the words on the theme of the background first, in a “commercial/trailer” format. Next, I went to PowerPoint to create the last slide of the video bringing the video out of darkness into the blue. Not my favorite color, but one that I respect. I was looking through the music for a good background music to set the mood. I liked the fast paced music to make the “product” sound more exciting! Then I found the cool “money” and “yeehaw” sound for another added sound.

For the final video I will use the same format of using pictures I have taken to take a storytelling approach of my favorite things to do!

I really like how it turned out. It is not creative at all as I am not creative in the slightest sense. It is simple, and it gets the point across which I appreciate. Check it out below!