Video Essay: Anne of Green Gables

This was a particular hard assignment for me to complete. I enjoyed reading the material to learn about video production, but it was hard for me to implement the learned skills on a movie.

To begin this assignment, I spent a lot of time setting up the video program to using the Movie Maker 10 – Free version from the Microsoft store. Then, I downloaded a video converter to get the Anne of Green Gables clip off of YouTube. After everything was set up, I inputted the video into the program. Then, I went to record the voice over to discover that in the free version of the program, voice over is not available. So, I moved forward with Audacity to record my audio and import the file into my video program.

Finally, the challenge was to get the audio to match the video. This was not too bad once I discovered I could delay the audio to a part of the movie.

The final product is not great, but I did the best that I could. It was incredibly difficult for me to use this skill. I am not sure how the next two weeks will go or the final project due to my inability to correctly do video production.

I decided to do Anne of Green Gables for this project. It is one of my all time favorite movies, and it reminded me of what How Does an Editor Think and Feel remarked about how much time a character got on screen to convey their emotions. In this particular scene, Anne is mad at Gilbert whereas Gilbert is trying to be friendly and apologetic. I think the editor conveyed this by giving Gilbert more screen time to convey his emotions to Anne and to gain audience sympathy. Anne of the other hand has quick short lines and quick transitions back to Gilberts line to convey her mood toward Gilbert. This is one of the techniques that was mentioned to convey motion using video.

My Video Essay