Thought’s on the Theme pt. 2

After taking a look at some of my classmates responses to the theme, I have more of an understanding on the theme. I think originally I was so focused on how reading blogs might be boring, but reading other peoples post and looking at their blogs has been so interesting. A lot of people are so creative with their website, and I think part of their story is being told through their blog presentation. There are so many ways we can tell our story, and I am looking forward to seeing other people’s story. Some other post seemed to concur with my thoughts about how we are all trying to figure out who we are as a person, and where we fit in with each other. I think through this process we will explore more about who we are as a person and who we are as people of society. I think it will be really cool to learn about other people in this class. This theme will be adventurous for the semester.