Story Using Headlines

For this assignment, I am challenged to write a story only using newspaper headlines. This assignment was created by Sara McDermott. Here’s my attempt at this assignment!

Who Spent Their Last Stimulus Checks?

The Weeknd spending $7 million of his own money on Super Bowl halftime show

What happened to The Weeknd’s face at Super Bowl 2021 halftime show?

Normally Sharp, He Was Chronically Confused. What Was Going On?

Social media normalizes plastic surgery in a dangerous way

Most Americans Think Social Media Has a Negative Effect on the US

Rev up your thinking skills by trying something new

If the (snow)shoe fits, get outdoors for some exercise

Let’s Take Care of Ourselves This Season

I decided to start with titles that relate to today’s news. Nothing more relatable than the Super Bowl Halftime Show and stimulus checks. Though this story, I am trying to point out the dangers of social media on mental health. Specifically, how people “should” look . I think The Weekend has fallen into this trap, though he has stated it is to go against “Hollywood norms”. Though there is no real confirmation as to what he has actually done, it is evident that there has been some work to his face. I think taking this message and encouraging people to try some outdoor activities is a great message. Social media affects everyone whether or not we admit it, and it is nice to see something encouraging when social media is often filled with hate.

To see how people did this assignment, I looked for inspiration. One in particular stood out, and I really enjoyed their take on this assignment. It has a lot of creativity. I have embedded their post below for you to check out.