Sound Effects Story

This required assignment stated: “tell a story using nothing but sound effects…the story can be no longer than 90 seconds.”

This made me think of the story of a person who has to balance school and their hobbies. In this story, a person goes to school, comes home for a snack, runs, swims, and bikes to train for their triathlon. The story ends with the person eating again to refuel their body.

I think this is a simple story to tell, but an important one of balancing the required things like school and the hobbies like training for a triathlon. The rest of the day is not in the audio due to the time restraint, and the fact that between school and hobbies we often are not left with time for other things. Life has a way of bringing us down, but finding things that make us happy will make life worth living. We have to do the hard parts of life to be able to appreciate the things we love.

To make this audio, I used audio from YouTube in mp3 format in Audacity. I cut, copy, and pasted the sounds together to create this story.

I enjoyed doing this assignment, and with more time allowance would have put more things in.