Reflection on Listening to Radio

On Tuesday, March 23 I listened to two radio shows: Operation Childhood-Radio Show, Stories of Our Stories: a trip down memory lane

Operation Childhood-Radio Show:

I really enjoyed this radio show. Their transitions and commercials were so smooth and the commercials were really well done. I enjoyed hearing each one of their stories that relate to bikes and food. I had a similar experience of having a bike accident when I was younger. I still have a scar from this accident. I thought this show was well done. One thing I think they could have improved on was introducing themselves before their story started, I was not sure who was talking at certain times, but this was not really a problem. I laughed during parts of this radio show and often reminisced with them about our childhood stories.

Here are my tweets throughout the show!

This tweet was in response to a story about sledding down a hill with their dog who was way heavier than them at that time. Physics and their dog kicked them in their face. This story made me laugh.

Overall, I had a great time listening to this radio show!

Stories of Our Stories: a trip down memory lane:

I really enjoyed this radio show! I think they did a great job tying in the background audio throughout their show and their story telling to add an audio effect to their story.. Their commercials were awesome and even made me laugh! The one’s that stuck to me were the flashlight one and the rainbow bracelet bands. One thing I think that could have been improved upon was the background music was sometimes too loud and a little distracting. Not overly loud, but just enough for me to notice it as much as the person telling the stories. I was really hyped about the mention of the Jonas Brothers. I was not really a fan back when they first started or even now, but I will always appreciate Burnin Up and Lovebug. My sister put these songs on a mixtape for me back when that was a thing, and I loved listening to those song as a young kid. Great show and it seemed to fly by fast.

In response to Madeline’s story centered around the Jonas Brothers!

In response to Maddy’s love for Scooby doo snacks!

In response to Rosemary’ s story about on of her favorite musical groups.

In response to Jordan’s story about whales!

Overall, I had a great time listening to these radio shows and reminded me how much I love listening to podcast type audio.