Radio Show Progress

I teamed up with Lucy and Cailyn for the radio show assignment. I was interested in joining their group because of their topic of college during a pandemic. This topic was one that I felt comfortable working with for this project. We first communicated through email, and I learned that they know each other from the UMW lacrosse team. This made me nervous about working with them due to possibility feeling like the third wheel. We decided through texting to work on our assignments this week on our own time, and meet later in the week to discuss our work and the radio show program. We sent each other the work that we had completed throughout the week, and met to go over the plan for the show. We set out the plan for show that we are planning to record early next week for editing to be completed by the end of the week. I really enjoyed having this discussion with Lucy and Cailyn, and I did not feel like a third wheel at all. We are on the right track for our radio show to be completed on time.