Radio Show Progress Week 2

This week, my group decided to record un-University on Zoom. This allowed us to be flexible with the times that we could meet. This also allowed us to feel safe while recording the podcast, and it took out the factors of having to record audio through a mask.

We had our outline set for when we started to record the radio show. We ended up recording for about an hour to reach the content that we had planned out. This audio will be edited to reach the required 20 min for this assignment.

It was really easy to record the show since everything was planned out before hand. I really enjoyed talking about college experience through the pandemic with Cailyn and Lucy. Their experiences were very different from mine, and I enjoyed hearing about their lacrosse routine that they have. It felt like we were talking as friends discussing our experiences and not like a school assignment. I really enjoyed having this conversation with these ladies, and I can not wait for everyone to hear our radio show!