Radio Show Ideas

I think an interesting radio show could be the theme “Expectations v. Reality”. This could take a number of paths like what did we think as young children what being in college would be like versus what is actually like. Or what we thought we wanted to do in college versus what we actually have chosen to do. For example, I came into college wanting to be a biologist doing research, but after spending time in the biology department I realized how much I missed doing math. Crazy!

I think this theme could take so many directions. This would not be the whole show, but it could be a five to ten minute chunk of reminiscing on our past selves. We could also project to the future, and what we expect life will be versus what it may end up being. I think it would be interesting and engaging to an audience to hear and relate. I expect this would be contribution to the show would be leading this topic.

This old Merrell Twins song came into my head when I was thinking about this theme.

Merrell Twins: Expectation vs Reality