Photography Experience

My experience with photography started young. My mother likes to take many picture of what is going on in our life at the time. So I have had my photo taken throughout my whole life. Later in life. my sister decided to make photography her career choice. All throughout her college experience, I was often her model for her portfolio. Through this experience I learned a little bit about photography. My knowledge is very limited when it comes to technicalities of photography, but I do enjoy taking photos on my phone of things that are happening around me. Most notably my cats and my cooking or baking. I really have no approach to taking these photos as they are mostly for my own personal collection. The personal photos have personal meaning to me, but they are not super meaningful in the artistic way.

There are many ways that I can improve the pictures that I take on a daily basis. I always take multiple photos in hopes of one of those photos turn out, but I should slow down and try to get a good shot within the first few photos and not do rapid fire.

Another thing I could improve on is the lightening of my photos. Often my pictures turn out too dark or too bright leaving me wondering what I was trying to photograph in that moment. This goes with taking the time to slow down and focus on one picture and not doing rapid fire.

There are many ways for me to improve my photography skills, and this page provided many different ideas.