A challenge this week was to do a photoblitzer. This website gave a list of photo challenges to be completed within twenty minutes.

This gives a list of all the photos that I was challenged to complete. I managed to capture all the photos but the “photo that makes use of converging lines”.

Take a close up picture of an object with unique texture of patterns:

A Piñata

Show us some food:


Make a photograph of a plastic object:

Kid’s plastic toy

Make a photo of something musical:


Make a phot of something rusted:


I was unable to find converging lines to take a picture of. Everything else was in my house and available for me to photograph. Overall, this assignment was fun and forced me to look around for objects within my house that fit the category. I did forget to take a picture of the time twenty minutes after the challenge began, but the challenged was completed within twenty minutes with the exception of the converging lines picture.