Photo Analysis

I take many photos that have many faults in them.

Take this picture for example:

Picture of me using riding mower

I took this photo to send to my Dad to show him that I was using the riding mower for the first time. My Dad was hesitant to let me use our riding mower to mow our own grass, but my Grandpa allowed me to use his. It was a big moment that I wanted to take a picture of to remember how that felt to finally mow grass without using a push mower and for proof. In the end it turned out I was not able to use our riding mower because I am too small.

Selection: I took few pictures of this moment since I was busy mowing the lawn. I decided that I wanted to have my hand on the wheel with the grass in front of me. Since this was a basic shot, it did not take many times for the picture to turn out.

Contrast: In the photo there is the darkness of the shadow the tree is putting out and there is a the lighter light on the wheel where the main focus of the photo is.

Perspective: Since it was my story to tell from my own perspective, the shot is from my own perspective. The photo is crooked and could have been straightened out better.

Depth: there is depth with the shadow of the tree.

Moment: I took the time from mowing grass to take this picture. I almost did not take the picture to tell the story, but I slowed down and realized I wanted to document this moment.

This picture tells the story of me using a riding mower for the first time. It also tells the story of me being able to do something nice for my Grandfather so he would not have to do that in the summer heat.