Multimodal Introductions

This is my introduction for my DS106 class that I take at the University of Mary Washington. This assignment has challenged me to introduce myself using multiple social media platforms.

To start my introduction, I introduced myself on Twitter. One of my favorite activities is to watch American Football.

Secondly, a video that I found uplifting was a video about how a trainer did initial testing to determine which German Shepherd would be good a training to be on the police force. The German Shepherd is my favorite breed, and I had an enjoyable time watching the little ones being tested. My favorite part was when the trainer said that the one puppy was more interested in attention from humans than in the training. I wanted to hug that puppy so badly.

Credit: Shield K9 Dog Training YouTube Channel

Thirdly, I enjoy cooking and baking as a hobby I do to relax. Recently, I received a cookbook and a baking book for Christmas. I have been going through the books and trying out the recopies. I posted on my Instagram a recent dinner I made with my brother.

Lastly, my favorite artist is Thomas Rhett. To try out SoundCloud, I reposted my favorite song by him.

These are a few quick facts about me! I am hopeful this semester goes well.