Miley Cyrus Stars in A Christmas Carousel

This remix assignment was built upon an earlier assignment I did this semester featuring Dua Lipa. The remix instruction are:

I almost laughed out loud when I saw these instructions. My parents enjoy their movie content to be VERY clean. That is totally cool, but they still think I am 6 years old when it comes to the things I watch or listen to. As a result, they LOVE Hallmark and watch it every night. I was thinking of pop stars they would not like and landed on Miley Cyrus. She went through that “crazy” phase, and I am not sure my parents will ever get pass that. I decided to combine Hallmark and Miley Cyrus. I decided against doing a scandalous picture of Miley in a Hallmark scene considering I do not know what is considered appropriate for this class even if it is all over the internet anyways. I decided on a relatively tame picture into a movie promotional of “A Christmas Carousel”. It kind of gives me the “Miley about to steal your girl/man” vibes lol.