Looking Ahead: Project Ideas

There are so many ideas that we could do for video production. I think personally for me, I will do what I did for the radio show. See what ideas people have and join the group that I feel most comfortable with working on that topic. I really enjoyed doing that last time, and it ended up really working well.

My ideas for final projects in relations to video production:

  • Filming videos of daily routine or any routine
  • Comedy or a skit of favorite television series or YouTube series
  • A funny sports comedy video
  • Crazy old YouTube challenges
  • Q & A about any topic (lifestyle, majors and minors, etc.)
  • Comedy where mansplaining takes place
  • Draw my life
  • Review (movie, book tv series)
  • Parody of something like the Kimmy Kimmel show. Someone could be the guest host where the other people in the project are their guest.
  • Do a video with a loved one that can be cherished forever (grandparents)

Through working on the project together with everyone, I really enjoyed having the ability to bounce ideas and thoughts. It helped me realize that even though we are living completely different lives, there are common threads that can be seen within a group. Even listening to other people’s radio shows, I was surprised to learn of the common theme that people had. We have our own individual story, but our story is part of a larger story that we may never have the chance to look notice.