How Does Sound Affect You?

Hearing is one of the senses that we could live without, but life is much better with our ability to hear. The noise around us sets the scene. Films take advantage of this, and use audio in their movies to tell the story.

We all know those classic mood setting music, the happy uplifting music, the sad depressed music, the tense music that makes us become hyperalert to everything around us, and the list goes on. Could you hear the music as you read them? That is the power of audio in screenplay and anything that utilizes sounds to tell their story.

Abumrad’s ideas related to radio since he works for a radio. His ideas made me realize how much the radio uses these tactics just by using different tones of voice to keep an audience engaged, The radio does feel like someone is talking directly to you, and their tone is one way they keep us engaged to leave us wanting to keep listening.

The example I think of when audio is used as a great storyteller is in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. In this scene embedded below they use audio as a way to push their story forward. During the intense parts of the scene they play fast up tempo music that makes the heart race, intensifying the viewers reaction to that scene. When the scene calms down, immediately the music switches to calm music for the viewer to take a breath from that intense scene before watching another intense scene. They use audio to not only supplement the visual storytelling, but as it’s own storytelling. The soundtrack of a movie is the movie being told through audio.