My favorite holiday that I celebrate is the Fourth of July. I like this holiday because for one day out of year, Americans are proud to be Americans. Every other day, Americans complain about what this country does not have to offer them, and why it sucks to live in this count. The Fourth, people are proud to be a part of the greatest country in the world. Though, America has many things to fix, another post for another day, we have so many freedoms and opportunities that other countries do not grant their citizens.

My favorite part of the Fourth are the fireworks. I enjoys seeing the bright colors in the sky, and it makes me really happy. I also enjoy the people I spend the Fourth with. Even though I personally have not celebrated the Fourth lately, in the past, I have spent the holiday with people who mean the most to me. The food is my favorite holiday food. I love a good cookout. Lastly, I love the temperature around this time. Though I could do with five degrees less, I appreciate that I am not cold when I am celebrating.

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