Final Project Idea

I was impressed with everyone’s ideas for their final project. Everyone seems to have a firm grasp at their own ideas and they want to do for their final project. I, on the other hand, am having a hard time deciding what to do for my final project. Though the video project was hard and time consuming, I do enjoy the final product. I like having the mixture of audio and photos with music to watch. I also really enjoyed doing the radio show with my group; it didn’t feel like work at all! I am not sure how I would be able to combine these, just yet, but I am thinking about potentially do audio mixed with video making. I know we are doing mash up assignments this week so I am hoping to gain inspiration from this week about how to combine these outlets. I may possibly do it on what I want to accomplish in the future after college. This idea seems weak as I do not have a plan to execute with this idea in mind. I am going to talk to other people to bounce ideas on to determine what my final project may be. I look forward to seeing everyone’s final project. It has been one hell of a ride!