DS106 Radio

This week I listened to the DS106 Radio! The night that I listened, a mystery story was playing about a boy’s disappearance. No one new what happened to him, and the radio was going through the evidence starting with his childhood, people who knew him, school, and doctor’s appointments. It was a very interesting story, and I was engaged with the story and a little creeped out. Recently, I have been listening to podcast, but mostly watching the YouTube version since I am more of a visual person. It was very interesting to only have audio to understand the story and follow along. Unfortunately, we did not hear the full story due to technical difficulties and time restraints. I enjoyed listening to the radio, and it was a lot of fun tweeting along with peers.

The audio we were listening to was:

Here is a thread of the tweets during the radio:

This was all I managed to tweet throughout the hour. The story was moving so fast, and I often felt like by the time I would tweet something, it was old news. I really enjoyed this experience.