Design Thoughts

My initial thoughts design were basically non existent. I never thought about what went behind designing for public consumption. The article and short book made me think harder about what goes on around me. I liked what Vignelli said that design requires discipline in order for the whole product to come together to be the highest quality. Previously, I had never thought that design must be such a disciplined art because it sometimes appears that design is do whatever and hope that it is good enough for publishing. Throughout Vignelli book, I was surprised at the amount of background thinking that goes on to make the designs consumable. The most impactful things that stood out for me were the need for timeless design, responsibility of design, and identity and Diversity. Some designs have lasted a lifetime, like the Coco Cola logo, and this is very impressive to have lasted this long. This is great for the company marketing and a great example of the power of the design. Another timeless design that I think will last forever is the McDonalds’ sign. I also liked the point about the responsibility of the design. Design is all around us, and it has the ability to shape how society thinks. Design has such an impactful weight on how we view things, and the designers have a lot of responsibility. Lastly, identity and diversity discusses how the designer has to walk the fine line of keeping that designs fresh for consumers but not make it too diverse to create fragmentation. All these points really caught my attention, and it made me think about how I view designs.

Kidd discusses how people are blinded to how much design surrounds them: milk cartons, streets signs, book interiors, etc. The most impactful thing I read from this article was to make designs complex but not chaotic. Designers walking that fine line of making it complex but not chaotic was very interesting to me. I would have loved to have more information on this topic. I also like Kidd’s discussion about speed bumps in this article.

Most decisions we make are affected by design. Often, it feels that everything around us is put there by nature, but people spend hours designing that for our consumption. We are shaped by how much design is around us, and we should take the time to stop and appreciate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.