Design Blitz

This week we were challenged to do a design blitz. We had to take a pictures that embodied the concept of at lease four of the ten concepts using one picture per concept. The concepts include:




minimalism & use of space







The first picture I took was the Mathnasium sign on their building. This embodies the concept of typography. The Mathnasium sign has very uniform letters except for the massive red A+ emphasized in the word. This relays the message that going here is an A+ experience and can help the student achieve A+. They used these design concepts to relay this message which is why I posted this picture.

The second post I did was a stop sign in a random neighborhood I was running in. This is very well designed using color. It is a giant red octagon that catches the attention of drivers. With the white capital letters that says stop. This stands out against the red background, and it clearly conveys the message. The designers used color to convey this message.

The third picture I posted was the A.S.P.I.R.E. posted located on the University of Mary Washington campus. As a UMW student, we understand what this means to the community. I think this sign embodies the concept of minimalism & use of space. This sign is just big enough to fit the word in, but that is also how big the sign is. It is a minimalistic way to remind the community of the values.

The final post was a Christmas gift I received. I thought that this design of the packaging embodies the concept of unity. The designer took the message of Sour Patch Kids and the holidays and united the messages to market for sale. They did a great job in taking individual messages to create a marketable product. Both messages stand apart, but also do very well together thanks to the designer.