Characterizing Official Disney Princesses

For this assignment:

“In the vein of Stephen WIldish’s “Yoda Venn” (see for all of of his designs), design a Venn diagram of three circles, each representing an attribute, where each overlap defines a figure from popular culture.”

I thought that this assignment looked really cool, and I thought of doing this with Disney Princesses. In order to characterize the princesses, I used as a guide. I chose the words: fierce, married, and princess.

Fierce: we are seeing a lot more Disney Princesses taking matter into their own hands and not waiting for their prince to save them. They have their own storyline apart from their love interest.

Married: most of the princesses are married, but recent ones may not have their story line. I think this is important to teach this message to the younger generation. The message that marriage is not a necessary part of life, but if they decide to marry, that is not the end of their story. I characterized this group based on the characters that end up married.

Princess: Some of these characters are born princesses, but others are married into the title. For this diagram, I categorized them based on their status throughout their movie.

Venn Diagram of Disney Princesses