Can Zendaya Get Some Credit Around Here?

For this visual assignment. “find a picture of a celebrity of your choice and find a quote about that celebrity that links the two together and makes sense”.

To start this assignment, I was looking for quotes about other celebrities, but after not finding what I was looking for I decided to chose Zendaya. Specifically Zendaya in The Greatest Showman, where the star studded cast of Zac Efron and Hue Jackman overshadowed her brilliant performance. I do not think she gets enough credit for the incredible job she does in the movie as an actress and signer. In her iconic scene with Zac Efron, she does a lot of the trapeze moves with little stunt work. It is crazy how well they did, and that scene will always be my favorite scene from the movie.

Then, after deciding on this, I was looking for quotes about Zendaya in this scene. I realized that the person asked most about this scene was Zendaya and Zac Efron. So I did some digging and found an article with a quote from Zac Efron about Zendaya.

Next, I picked out the poster picture from the scene to use as a visual. I put the quote and the picture together using PowerPoint.

I have attached the scene for viewing!