Bucket List

For my second Assignment Bank assignment, I decided to do “Bucket List” created by Amanda Peregory in the Visual Assignments category. She challenged us to create at least a four picture collage of four different bucket list items. This relates to the theme of the class, “What is (y)our story?” because it focuses on what makes me motivated to keep going everyday, and what I hope to accomplish in the future.

My Bucket List Collage

For my first bucket list item, I put in a picture of people running at a race. I enjoy running as a hobby, but I recently had to stop running due to an injury. Once my injury is fixed, I plan to start running again as part of my exercise routine. My running dream is to one day be able to run in a half marathon. Not competitively, as I am the slowest person I know, but as a fun activity I can do to feel accomplished.

The second bucket list item, I put to travel Europe with my friends. This would be a dream come true to be able to do this. Recently, I have been wanting to tour Europe and see all the beautiful scenery that it has to offer. My number one priority is to visit Scotland. From the pictures I have seen, it looks magical, and I hope one day to be there.

The third bucket list item I put is to own a German Shepherd puppy. They have been my favorite breed of dog since forever, and I would love to own a puppy one day.

Lastly, I put that I would like to own a stone house. Most people dream of owning a house, I specifically would really enjoy owning a stone house. I think they are the most attractive looking houses.

These are four of my bucket list item. A big shoutout to Amanda for creating this assignment. I have embedded the assignment post if anyone would like to give it a try.