Acrostic Poem Collage

This assignment: “make an acrostic poem collage.  Use each letter from your name and go onto flickr and search for a picture that represents you.  Then you any photoediting to make it a collage.”

To start:

Rice: my favorite food of all time. One food I would not be able to give up.

Apple Pie: My second favorite dessert, behind cookies, is apple pie.

Cats: at one point in time I was most afraid of cats, but in the past two years I have learned to love my three cats I own. I am still timid about other people cats, but I am more comfortable around cats.

Horse: the first animal that I have loved. I rode horses starting at age 8 and continue to ride to this day.

Eggs: a food that I eat on a daily basis. They are cheap and easy to make.

Lady Bug: my childhood favorite bug. I made a pinewood derby car into a ladybug. She was super fast and won me second place!

In the end, I am an animal and food lover. That will never change.

Created in PowerPoint